What Is Deep Realities?

Deep Realities was founded to help our clients utilize interactive digital media to achieve their business goals and objectives.  Immersive and Interactive Digital Media has the power to delight and engage people, seamlessly transporting them to a virtual space. We take UX User Experience Design into a multi-dimensional world.

Deep Realities guides our clients from initial discussion of what’s possible through to implementation and installation.  We keep ourselves on the leading edge of emerging technologies, positioning ourselves as subject matter experts so that you don’t have to be!  With our decades of enterprise systems development experience, we ensure that the solution being developed for you achieves your underlying business goals and objectives.  Bothe sizzle and substance result in success for our clients by delivering an outstanding experience to their customers.

Where Did We Come From?

The roots of the business stem from the REAP Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity) program, which is a partnership between the University of Waterloo, Quarry Communications and Christie Digital.  The REAP program is run from the Felt Lab at Quarry Communications in St. Jacobs Ontario.  The lab has access to a broad range of immersive media technologies, including many of which that are still in beta and not yet available to the general public.  The lab environment in conjunction with University of Waterloo professors allows for opportunities to explore what is possible and feasible with these new technologies, leading to solutions for real world business problems.

What’s In A Name?

Where did the name Deep Realities originate from?  As were were forming the  company, we of course needed to give it a name.  As we kicked around the notion of the business and types of products or service we were to deliver we wanted to give it a name that was representative yet did not pigeon hole us. As the concept of creating empathy for clients through Virtual Reality and immersive experiences, Deep Realities became the best name we could have imagined. We help your audience achieve deeper understanding of concepts through dynamic interaction and immersing them in virtual worlds.

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