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Design Executive Officer: Jennifer Janik

JenJanik2016With an extensive background in immersive experience design with interactive displays, Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Jennifer understands how to integrate emerging technology into strategic business solutions.  She is highly skilled in strategic design thinking, digital media production, business analysis, system design, marketing and the Arts. After developing the University of Waterloo Felt Lab entrepreneurship program, Jennifer Janik was inspired to create Deep Realities Incorporated.  As we move into a world filled with immersive VR technology, AR, mobile phones,wearable devices and invisible infrared gesture recognition, it is increasingly important to raise the bar for excellent user experiences and UX designs.  Jennifer specializes in designing innovative solutions and orchestrating them so that they come to life!

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Vice President Business Development: Rob Soosaar

Rob SoosaarIn his Business Development role, Rob will help your organization identify ways of leveraging immersive and interactive technologies like Augmented Reality to enhance your business opportunities. Rob brings over 25 years of experience in the technology sector to the table where he has held a variety of roles ranging from Senior Software engineer to Director of Professional Services in organizations like the University of Toronto Aerospace, Raytheon Canada, MKS (now PTC) and Desire2Learn.

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Bernie Roehl

Bernie RoehlBernie Roehl has over 35 years of software development experience on a wide variety of computing platforms.  Most recently he has been creating mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.  He has a strong background in 3D graphics, VR applications and now Augmented Reality.

Marco Ferrari

Marco FerrariMarco Ferrari is a product designer with over 25 years experience designing and implementing consumer products. Having been a senior industrial designer at Hewlett Packard and BlackBerry, Marco is recognised as a champion for customer focused design and cross team collaboration. As a REAP professional he experiments with Augmented Reality apps as well as contributes to art and technology development within the community.

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