The Deep Realities team is very happy to announce that we have added our Augmented Reality application to the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

We named the app DeepCity to reflect the ability to add a virtual layer of communications to signage and posters that are distributed across municipalities.  The experiences associated with the markers below are examples of dynamic content that rotates through a sequence of images. Many other markers and content experiences can be added to the DeepCity platform.

This app is built on a platform that allows municipalities and organizations to manage Augmented Reality content  (images, text and MP3 audio) for various AR experiences.  For example, if you use the DeepCity app to view a poster for an event, additional  information and images will be presented as an Augmented Reality overlay.  The content changes based on the viewers GPS location,the marker and the current content associated with the marker.  The combinations of possibilities are endless.

Use this QR code to link to the app download page

Use this QR code to download from the App Store

Download the DeepCity app and use your device camera to view these marker images. Search for “DeepCity” on the app store or follow these links to download the app:

For iOS – iPhone, iPod and iPad:

For Android:

Then start the app and point your camera at one of these marker images:

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