Hackathon Excitement with #DeepKinect

Deep Realities Incorporated is a great name for us because we are dedicated to looking at how the new interactive digital experiences are changing how humans experience the world around them.

With Virtual Reality, people are literally immersed in an altered perception of the world around them visually, but the content of what they are viewing also affects them emotionally and physically. If you don’t believe that, put on an Oculus Rift head mounted display and take a ride on the 3D roller-coaster with full dolby surround sound and a chair that moves. If you don’t feel the excitement of being on a roller-coaster or get queasy from the motion, I’d be very surprised.

But there are also more subtle ways that the interactive technology can transform our “reality”. When you see the look of wonder and delight on the faces of people who experience augmented reality for the first time, you will see their perception of reality shift – even if it’s just for a moment. These Augmented Reality experiences are now accessible anywhere through mobile device apps.

With new interactive devices such as the Microsoft Kinect v2, Thalmic Labs Myo arm band, Leap Motion and the Sixense STEM controller emerging on the market this year, it is intriguing to look at how humans will learn to use these devices and how long it will take for them to be as common as a mouse interface. How will these devices be used to alter the “reality” of the world as we know it?

The other challenge is how to design and build a rich, meaningful digital experience to correspond to these new ways of interacting with the digital world? We are able to create stunning computer animations, we are able to build complex large databases full of inter-connected meaningful knowledge. How can we use the knowledge and creative digital design to really deepen the experiences and communication that is possible with these new technologies?

That is why we’re so excited about the advanced capabilities and enhanced precision that is available now with the Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor and why we’ve put so much effort into organizing the #DeepKinect Hackathon. The original Kinect version didn’t have the precision needed to really push the envelop of professional products outside of the game industry. With the new precision and feature advances, the world of business opportunities that are available is going to blossom.

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