Jintronix Integrates New Kinect v2 Features

The Microsoft Kinect is not just a fun interface for gaming systems. Jintronix has harnessed the power of the Microsoft Kinect to develop a market ready system for physical rehabilitation of patients suffering from a variety of physical ailments. In a nutshell Jintronix combines evidence-based treatments, virtual games, and motion tracking sensors to offer a fun and effective tool for physical rehabilitation.

With Microsoft coming out with their next generation Kinect for Windows V2, the capabilities have increased exponentially for rehab opportunities. The new sensors deliver much more accurate depth perception, joint tracking and sensitivity. The increased precision and the enhanced capabilities are extremely exciting for Jintronix since it allows them to take their system to the next level of excellence.

  • With the improvements in tracking, the ability to distinguish between the left and right hands when they are brought close together is significantly improved
  • Higher fidelity finger and joint tracking of gestures like hand open/close and introduces the ability to “grab” virtual objects
  • Wider and expanded field of view allows for full body tracking activities creating many more options for rehab tasks
  • Faster response and reduced latency provides a much more natural feel to the experience
  • More clinical metrics and data can be collected through the enhanced tracking abilities

Opportunities have increased exponentially for gesture based interaction with systems using the next generation Kinect from Microsoft. Dramatically improved accuracy and fidelity of the sensors is creating a much more natural user experience. This is just the beginning for ubiquitous gesture based computer interaction.

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