Kinect For Windows Hackathon

 DeepKinectHackathon Many thanks to everyone who joined us in August to make this hackathon a wonderful, creative experience.
Waterloo Region hosted the first Canadian location for the Microsoft Kinect for Windows Hackathon tour! Ten of the top Microsoft Kinect Engineers came to Kitchener to provide support and training for 100 people for 44 hours, non-stop, all weekend.  They brought their Kinect gear, new experimental NFC sensors and Surface Pro laptops so everyone had a chance to learn how to work with this brand new technology.  They also donated Kinect Sensors to the REAP Waterloo Felt Lab so that people from our community would have a chance to keep working on projects at the lab after the event. Drop by the Felt Lab on Fridays to work with the equipment or come out to the REAP VR/AR Meetup evening sessions. 

Why was the event so awesome?  

We mixed Arts and Tech with top experts, The BLUES and GREAT FOOD!

The research initiative has been exploring how to integrate arts, technology and digital arts communication to create innovative new business opportunities through  interactive digital experiences. This latest release of Kinect v2 with significantly enhanced capabilities offers a lot of opportunities for viable gesture-based movement solutions.

The Deep Kinect Hackathon was unique because designers, UX enthusiasts, artists, dancers and techies to collaborated over the gesture-based Kinect features and created exciting project concepts. The hackathon challenged techies, developers, makers, artists, students, and other creatives to combine their talents and collaborate to imagine  great solutions that use the new Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK.


Wondering what you can do with the new Kinect v2 for Windows sensor? Check out this WIRED Video for a sampling of the capabilities that are available with this upcoming Kinect release. Be among the first to explore what you can design and build with these advanced features.

Wondering what other people have done with the Kinect v2? Visit the MS Kinect Gallery:

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Many thanks to the Conestoga College School of Media and Design for generously offering their fabulous new Kitchener Studio Project space, iMAC design workstations and support for this unique tech and design challenge.



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