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On May 9, Lindt Chocolates launched a new product with installations in Times Square, the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis, and the Marina Green in San Francisco. The highlight of the installations was a VR experience using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display.

The LINDOR Melt VR Experience consisted of three different virtual worlds, each with its own theme, all accessed from a central virtual lobby. The user got to “choose their bliss” by selecting one of the three worlds, and were then transported to their chosen destination — a Swiss ski chalet, a dock in the Maldives, or a garden in Italy.

To create these worlds, Deep Realities assembled a team of talented 3D artists, programmers, sound engineers and videographers to produce a rich, immersive experience. The accumulated knowledge and skill of the team was the key to creating a successful, high-visibility event.


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