What We Do

We leverage the latest technology to create amazing user experiences that achieve your business goals and objectives.

In addition to UX and System Design expertise, we know how to build powerful experiences through:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Branded Apps

From creating unique marketing experiences to helping organizations integrate Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality into their emerging product lines, we’re helping companies accelerate into the rapidly emerging space for interactive experiences.

Our process is as interactive as our projects. We work with you to identify exactly what you want to accomplish from a business perspective in order to strategically develop technology solutions with intriguing digital user experiences that achieve your goals.

Deep Realities is more than just a technology service provider.  We embrace our client’s business goals and objectives as though they were our own.  We do this by working along side our client’s teams as though we were an extension of them.  We do this because open and trusting dialog will result in shared success while identifying and avoiding challenges early.  We understand that our clients may have some apprehension when delving into new technology that may be unfamiliar to them.  Educating our clients on the capabilities of the technology while communicating risk mitigation strategies ensures satisfaction and success in our projects.


As Virtual Reality and other interactive technology hit the consumer mainstream, your organization needs to adapt and rapidly align with the new platforms. Where do you start? How do you even define your Requests for Proposals (RFP’s or RFQ’s)? Our experienced consulting services help you bridge from your plans and visions to strategic, tangible projects and designs.

Many of our client projects start with a Thinkering session. Thinkering is a blend of Thinking and Tinkering – brainstorming that results in an implementation plan.  We pull together a group of stakeholders at the start of a project for a Thinkering session.  The Thinking comprises of the more pragmatic elements of agreeing to the “problem” to be solved, scope, time frames etc.  The thinking part does not touch on the “solution”, the focus here is to come to a common agreement on the fundamentals of the project.  This is often more difficult than it sounds because stakeholders often arrive with their own assumptions and different contexts for the problem.  This is to be expected and we are there to help manage and facilitate the corralling of this information.

The tinkering part of the session is like a facilitated brainstorming session.  We help the group tinker with ideas and possibilities.  A variety of creative facilitation techniques are employed to help the group open up and generate a broad variety of possible solutions.  The facilitation method employed by Deep Realities guides the group towards a decision and actionable plan towards implementation.

By the end of a Thinkering session, the group will have a concrete, strategic vision of what they want to accomplish that aligns well with the target audience and the business goals.

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